Hey lovely lady welcome to our Herconomics site it's lovely to have you here. This is the place for you if you want to learn the basics of investing on the share market without losing your hard earned money to scams.

My name is Wadzanai AKA Wadzi a financial services professional who is passionate about educating women about the share market and investment scams. This will give you the basic foundation to decide if shares are the right investment product for you and also give you some understanding of investment scams to make sure if you choose to invest your money you do it safely.

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My name is Wadzanai Nenzou AKA Wadzi the Founder, CEO, Investment Scams Fighter, Financial Educator, Speaker, Commentator, Panellist and Writer at Herconomics. I am a joyful type who has worked in the Australian Financial Services Industry for over 17 years.

I am passionate about women building their wealth and living their best life. That's why I started Herconomics a mission-driven education company that is passionate about people especially women building their wealth without losing their hard-earned money to investment scams.

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