Hi! I’m Wadzi

I am the Founder, CEO, Investment Scams Fighter & Share Market Educator at Herconomics a mission-driven education company that is focused on educating women about investment scams and the basics of the sharemarket to lower the chances of them getting scammed.

Growing up in Zimbabwe I saw the limited choices open to many women due to lack of personal wealth and saw the opposite the better choices women had when they had personal wealth. Even as a young girl I knew I wanted more for myself and other women.

I believe in a world where every woman has the knowledge to empower herself financially in order to live life her way and be the best version of herself. I believe that a global sisterhood bringing women together to learn, share stories and connect with each other about money will make a vital difference in fighting poverty and bringing prosperity to the world. I believe in the power of women taking total personal responsibility for their own lives and coming together to lift each other up because when women positively come together magic happens.

I am a Financial Services Professional with over sixteen years’ experience in the Australian Financial Services Industry. I have worked in the areas of Financial Planning, Superannuation, Investments, Banking and Compliance. I hold a Master of Accounting from Swinburne University, Bachelor of Commerce from Deakin University, Diploma of Financial Planning from ASFA and a Graduate Diploma of Public Policy from RMIT University.

Over the years I have had the pleasure of being interviewed on the ABC News Breakfast Show as well as being spotlighted by Bendigo Bank in their Bendigo Bank Life coach podcast on how investing is for everyone. I was honoured to be one of the investing experts for Yahoo Finance Australia’s Women’s Money Movement Investing 1 on 1 May 2021 event. I have also been a featured expert in the Yahoo Finance Australia Women’s Money Movement Newsletter and been interviewed by Incubate Foundation as an investing mentor as well as been spotlighted as an investing expert by GirledWorld and Ladies Talk Money.

I am is also deeply passionate about the advancement of African Australians and volunteer my time to collaborate with organisations such as Incubate Foundation to provide mentorship to African Australian young people and women. I also volunteered my time for two years as a board member for the African Think Tank an organisation that is focused on the advancement of African Australians. Had the honour of graduating from the African Think Tank’s African Leadership Development Program in 2016 where I received a great foundation of becoming a leader in the Australian community.

In my spare time I love to laugh, connect with other humans and have interesting conversations, travel, music, dancing, reading, TV Shows, Movies, listening to podcasts, eating good food, going to nice bars, going to the theatre, the countryside and life as a whole.