Shares Course

$199 One of Payment

Learn below basics on investing in Shares.

  • Investing Psychology
  • Important basics of the share market
  • How to register with a stockbroker
  • Investment Strategies
  • Investment Philosophy
  • Choosing what to invest in
  • How to buy and sell shares
  • Keeping track of shares
  • Record Keeping
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ETFs Course

$99 One of Payment

Learn below basics on investing in ETFs.

  • Investment Psychology
  • Learn the important basics of ETF Investing
  • How to register with a stockbroker
  • How to develop a basic investment strategy to begin with 
  • How to choose an ETF to invest in
  • How to buy and sell an ETF
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Bonds Course

$49 One of Payment

Learn below basics on investing in bonds.

  • What are Bonds?
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Australian Government Bonds
  • How to choose a Bond to invest in
  • How to buy and sell Bonds
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All Share Market Courses Discounted Bundle

$299 One of Payment

What's Included

  • Access to 4 courses with a total of 20 high level modules filled with in-depth lessons on share investing, ETF investing, bond investing and investment scams taught by Herconomics Founder, CEO & Share Market Educator Wadzanai Nenzou who is an experienced financial services professional with over 16 years experience in the finance services industry
  • Share market Courses for Australian Ladies which talks about our specific Aussie platforms and main stock exchange.There will be a discussion of International share markets within the context of Australian investors.
  • Self paced online courses you can do at your own time. Most of you ladies are busy and need flexible learning which allows you to learn at your own pace.
  • Lifetime access to all courses for as long as they run and any future upgrades if there are any.
  • Test your knowledge quizzes after each lesson. The quizzes are there to check that you are understanding what you are being tought and are actually getting value from the course.
  • Subscription to the Herconomics Investment Scams Alert newsletter where we will share any current investment scams that we find out about to keep you aware.
  • Private Facebook Group where you can come and ask any questions you have, share your challenges and your wins with the other ladies and get ongoing learning resources from Wadzanai well after you have finished the courses.
  • A warm, relaxed, supportive and judgement free learning environment. We offer a very welcoming inclusive learning environment. 
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What customers are saying...

“Wadzi’s course has been a blessing. I had heard people talk about “making money work for itself” or investing and I wanted that for myself.  I didn’t know where to start, I accessed information over videos and podcasts, that was too much information and as you can imagine too much info becomes noise.

Fortunately, I came across Wadzi’s Herconomics course, that was my saving grace. In the course Wadzi explained shares and the share market in ways that even a beginner like me could understand.

Wadzi is passionate about making sure women get financial literacy and she delivered. She taught me what to consider when picking a stock, buying and so much more.

By the end of the course, I was confident to make my first investment yay. 

Wadzi also recommended some books and gave links to resources for further use. I highly recommend the course to anyone interested in investing but just don’t know where to start.”

Tino Hove

“Wadzi’s course on Share Investing for Beginners was brilliant. She stripped away all the convoluted and overwhelming language and bought it right down to the bare basics to then explain everything step by step.  For a person who’s not had any experience in the world or language of shares this was gold. It was a very slow & gentle introduction to understanding what was previously a different language and a very overwhelming world. She broke everything down to introduce us to the various elements letter by letter (even simpler than word by word which was invaluable). She’s given me the tools and the confidence to now “dip my toe” into the market and give it a try. Something I’d never even remotely considered doing as I’d felt “clueless” about where to start. 

Wadzi is so warm and sensitive to the groups starting position as we all have our L plates on. She creates a very safe and secure starting platform from where we can start our learning curve. 

Thanks so much Wadzi. Am very grateful for what you’ve taught me.”

Lani B

"I joined Wadzi’s Herconomics Share Course not knowing anything about share investing, but knowing that I wanted to be more proactive with my short and long term finances. Shares and the stock market have always been a mystery to me, but I knew that they were a potential place that I could invest and grow wealth, if I could just understand what was needed.

Wadzi is an incredibly gifted, joyous and fun facilitator, who is able to take something complicated and foreign like shares and the ASX, and transform it into easy to understand parcels of information that can be applied in practical and empowering ways. Over the course I was able to gain a working knowledge of what it takes to invest in the share market, risks and pitfalls that should be considered, and different ways and types of investments.

As a result of the course, I have established a share trading account, and am in the process of researching and building a portfolio. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is at all interested in shares and investing and wants to gain a working knowledge of what is possible.”

Naomi Harris