Free Herconomics Investment Scams Course

Register for our free Herconomics Investment Scams course.This course is designed especially for people who are absolute beginners to the share market and investing as a whole. Billions of dollars are lost to investment scams globally every year and this course is meant to try and educate as many people as possible about what to look out for in order to lower the chance of losing your hard earned money to scams.

What Does the Herconomics Investment Scams Course Cover?

Learn below basics on investment scams.

  • What is an Investment Scam?
  • How Scammers get you to invest
  • How to spot an investment scam
  • How to check an investment is real
  • How to reduce the risk of investment scams
  • What to do if you have been scammed
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“Wadzi’s course has been a blessing. I had heard people talk about “making money work for itself” or investing and I wanted that for myself.  I didn’t know where to start, I accessed information over videos and podcasts, that was too much information and as you can imagine too much info becomes noise.

Fortunately, I came across Wadzi’s Herconomics course, that was my saving grace. In the course Wadzi explained shares and the share market in ways that even a beginner like me could understand.

Wadzi is passionate about making sure women get financial literacy and she delivered. She taught me what to consider when picking a stock, buying and so much more.

By the end of the course, I was confident to make my first investment yay. 

Wadzi also recommended some books and gave links to resources for further use. I highly recommend the course to anyone interested in investing but just don’t know where to start.”

Tino Hove

Meet Your Course Instructor

Wadzanai Nenzou who is usually known as Wadzi is the Founder, CEO, Investment Scams Fighter & Share Market Educator at Herconomics a mission-driven education company that is focused on educating women about investment scams and the basics of the sharemarket to lower the chances of them getting scammed.

She believes in a world where every woman has the knowledge to empower herself financially in order to live life her way and be the best version of herself. 

She is a Financial Services Professional with more than 16 years experience in the Australian Financial Services Industry. She has worked in the areas of Financial Planning, Superannuation, Investments, Banking and Compliance. She holds a Master of Accounting from Swinburne University, Bachelor of Commerce from Deakin University, Diploma of Financial Planning from ASFA and a Graduate Diploma of Public Policy from RMIT University.

Over the years Wadzi has had the pleasure of being interviewed on the ABC News Breakfast Show as well as being spotlighted by Bendigo Bank in their Bendigo Bank Life coach podcast on how investing is for everyone. She was honoured to be one of the investing experts for Yahoo Finance Australia’s Women’s Money Movement Investing 1 on 1 May 2021 event. She has also been a featured expert in the Yahoo Finance Australia Women’s Money Movement Newsletter and been interviewed by Incubate Foundation as an investing mentor as well as been spotlighted as an investing expert by GirledWorld and Ladies Talk Money.

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What Do You Get in This Course?

  • Instant access to 4 high level modules filled in-depth lessons on investment scams taught by Herconomics Founder, CEO & Share Market Educator Wadzanai Nenzou who is an experienced financial services professional with over 16 years experience in the finance services industry
  • Investment Scams Course for everyone. There will be a mention of Australian platforms and organisations however the education is relevant globally.
  • Subscription to the Herconomics Investment Scams Alert newsletter where we will share any current investment scams that we find out about to keep you aware.
  • Self paced online course you can do at your own time. Most of you lovelies are busy and need flexible learning which allows you to learn at your own pace.
  • Lifetime access to the course for as long as it runs and any future upgrades if there are any.
  • Test your knowledge quizzes after each lesson. The quizzes are there to check that you are understanding what you are being tought and are actually getting value from the course.
  • A warm, relaxed, supportive and judgement free learning environment. We offer a very welcoming inclusive learning environment. 
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What customers are saying...

Engaging with the stock market was a daunting task – even with some background knowledge from university, and family assistance. Wadzi broke down these barriers and some by providing a safe and inclusive learning environment that catered to a range of knowledge, investment risk and strategies. Having Wadzi just an email away throughout the course meant I was able to take charge of my portfolio, develop my strategy and understand who I am as an investor. As a result, I have taken the plunge and bought my first share.”

Olivia Roney

“I signed up for the Herconomics Share Investing Course for Beginners because I wanted to feel confident in my understanding of basic share investing. I got exactly what I wanted and I thoroughly enjoyed the process. Wadzi’s passion for finance is incredibly contagious. She creates a comfortable, interactive and supportive environment where I felt confident to ask as many questions as necessary for me to understand the concepts discussed. This was aided further by the small group size Herconomics insists upon. I now feel that I have the basic tools to begin investing in shares and I feel motivated to continue learning—thankfully it’s not as overwhelming as it first appeared.”

Agok Martin Majier

“I participated in Wadzanai Nenzou’s Herconomics ‘Share Investing for Beginners’ course recently. I found the course both thorough and accessible as a newbie to share investing. Wadzi covers all the essentials. After the first week, I had the knowledge to understand the significance of financial and market reports in the media, which had previously seemed arcane to me. It was wonderful; like learning a new language. By the end of the course, I felt confident to begin investing in the sharemarket- yes, even with our being in the middle of a pandemic and the share market being volatile. I think most of all, I was impressed by Wadzi’s kind, empathetic and generous way of guiding us through complex material. If you are wanting to build wealth, do yourself a favour and do this course.”

Elizabeth Haines

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